Handmade in downtown Austin, Mohawk was built in 2006 as a one of a kind live music venue, event space and bar.

The Mohawk creed since opening our doors has been, and remains, All Are Welcome. We accept and encourage all genres—of music, music lovers, and music staff—because music is a language that everyone speaks, without bias.

With every show, every event, we ask ourselves: how can we deliver an experience? What will make this more than just a show—what will make this a memory worth investing in? It’s this constant questioning that, we hope, makes Mohawk a safe space to lose yourself in, on stage or off.

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Production, Security, and Service: the three tiers of Mohawk staff pride themselves on working—together—to find creative and safe ways to ensure our guests and artists are treated with respect. We know you’ve taken time out of your lives to join us for a show, and we’d like to honor that with more than just a cold beer and rock and roll attitude.

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We stand by that, and have since the very beginning. Join us when your soul cries out like Dio, and you’ve gotta get away, gotta get away…