Fri Nov 17

Mohawk Presents

Wonderbitch “Oceansoft” Vinyl Release


Palm Daze
The Millbrook Estates
9:00 PM · Indoor · All ages

Wonderbitch (Austin TX) harnesses the transportive power of rock to take audiences on sophisticated flights of fancy. Citing psychedelic and 80s pop and RnB influence on their sound, they enchant with the visual aspects of their intriguing music videos and spirited live performances. Traces of the slickest Bowie, Steely Dan, and Talking Heads joints decorate their tunes, yet the vibe is mixed in the charred, weirder edges of alternative. Their songs, chic and adventurous, explore starkly rendered feelings and subjects that allow them to resonate with the introspective and universal.


Every Day, 5pm - 8pm.