Wed Sep 27

Mohawk Presents

White Label Analog


Ruby & The Reckless
8:00 PM · Indoor · All ages

As the old adage goes, “You have a lifetime to make your first record.” But that freedom of time is coupled with increased pressure. So often, debut albums are saddled with the weight of expectation. The members of Austin, Texas-based White Label Analog—vocalist Chris Didear, guitarist/vocalist James Millican, drummer/vocalist Heath Macintosh, keyboardist/vocalist Alison Pepper, and bassist Aaron Herbster—have been through that pressure before, and they know how to rise to the challenge with their electrifying debut album, In Case You Just Tuned In.“In Case You Just Tuned In is a veritable snap shot of our lives since releasing (their 2015 EP) A Little More Time,” says Macintosh. “A reflection of our ideas, feelings, and the experiences we've all shared.”Lead single “Echoes” epitomizes this idea of taking in and appreciating each snapshot moment. The “echoes” of the title “are the reverberations of our experience on earth that continue after we are no longer here,” says Didear. It's a song with a universal, understandable message: Life is short, experiences are fleeting, so we should make as many memories as we can in the time we've been given.It's a theme that envelops much of In Case You Just Tuned In. Even at its most personal moments, where failed relationships are analyzed and personal loss is quantified, the album is truly focused on crawling your way out of the dark and into the light. Musically, the album is bursting with the vitality of this mantra, with energetic synths and vivacious drum beats that recall the most joyous moments in the listener.While White Label Analog self-produced the record, allowing them the autonomy to create without outside influence, they turned to a number of mixing engineers to deliver the fully realized sound they were seeking. That collaborative effort, highlighted by 11-time Grammy nominated mixing engineer Mark Needham (The Killers, Neon Trees, Imagine Dragons), as well as Dwight Baker, Mark Dufour and Chris “Frenchie” Smith, allowed the band to achieve the most fully realized iteration of each of the 11 tracks on the album.The result is an eclectic group of songs that seems to pull as much from pop rock traditions like The Killers as they do from indie bands like Two Door Cinema Club and Modest Mouse. Songs like “Rainmaker” retain infectious melodies while simmering with big rock bombast. In an era of convergence between indie rock and pop music, White Label Analog is the daring alliance between the two. Call it indie rock for the poptimist generation.White Label Analog is not worried about trying to fit in to any genre labels or follow any trends in music. “Trying to copy or chase what's already happening is like chasing a moving target,” Didear says. “We just want to create honest music that is fun, engaging, but still has a little attitude.”That effort, and the band's trademark defying of expectation, is best exemplified by the closing track on In Case You Just Tuned In. “Hard Road,” the Black Sabbath cut previously known solely as the last single released during Ozzy Osbourne's first tenure in the band, is given a new lease on life at the end of In Case You Just Tuned In, transforming the rollicking track into a climactic singalong to conclude the album. The song's refrain is a fitting one to describe the journey of White Label Analog: “Oh, it's a hard road...Forget all your sorrow, don't live in the past. And look to the future, `cause life goes too fast.”The individuals in the band have been through a great deal of personal exploration to get to this point, their debut full-length release. But White Label Analog is done looking back at the past. They're ready to move forward, invigorated by their collaboration. “There is something very special about finding the right chemistry of musicians and personalities of people,” says Herbster, “who together inspire that ever elusive intangible something that makes a song resonate.”