Wed Sep 13

Mohawk Presents



The Cuckoos
8:00 PM · Indoor · All ages

Sp_aces is a soulful thing. Playing with elastic time on a funky blues evening. Sitting on your porch on another planet.Some call the music "enchanted rock."Study Breaks magazine called them the Best Local Band in San Marcos at the close of 2014. But who is it, and why?Now there's some hard-workin' boys for ya. Sp_aces has a lot to say, and only three young men with which to say it, so everyone plays an important singular roll. Frank smashes his drums with a thoroughly-contemplated ferocity. Eric slaps and slides and slices and dices and shakes the very foundations of the venue with his patented thunderbass. Can the building withstand such an onslaught? They've been lucky so far. And good ol' William's there to ensure everyone's having a good time and he even sings and shoots off some jagged smooth licks. Born in England, born in Florida, born here, it no longer matters, as time is an illusion. And here we are.


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