Fri Sep 21

Mohawk presents

Shy Beast


Michael Parallax
Shy Beast
9:00 PM · Inside · All ages

Shy Beast was born an adult in 2017. Mature band, mature music. The band simply transformed naturally from its previous body, MCG. That prior musical entity built songs and a following, true. And as in all youthful things, it embraced life and sang about it, but it never, ever, clicked the box entitled “I agree to the terms of service.” The results of that are not exile, they are leadership. Hence Shy Beast. Newcomers to Shy Beast’s music may be assured that yes, the band plays electro-pop, but the boundaries of that are sure to be re-drawn with this new creature entering the musical fray. Follow the band closely as the changes are coming rapidly. Shy Beast stands well positioned artistically to step into the front ranks of American pop music and any of its subgenres. The beast invites you to hop on for a rumbling ride through the forests of imagination to the deep dark hideouts of the heart.


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