Fri Jan 11

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Minor Birds


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Minor Birds
9:00 PM · Inside · All ages

Sexy funeral music. When a band’s style is difficult to classify, its interpretations and descriptors can vastly vary. This is just one of many conveyed of the difficult-to-pigeonhole Minor Birds’ (aka singer-songwriter/pianist Chelsea Wilde) sound.

A classically trained pianist and self-taught multi- instrumentalist (including guitar, accordion, and banjo), Wilde has been composing and performing music in different capacities since childhood. Rising from the dust of a creative dry spell brought on by a series of tragic events in her life in 2008, the band, moniker and concept of Minor Birds was hatched. Channeling deep-sea emotional depths, the project finds Wilde exploring life’s mysticism and darkness mixed with a healthy infusion of timeless tales of love - or lack thereof. Musically, Minor Birds weaves together striking mezzo-soprano vocals, ominous baroque-era classical piano, modern guitar work, stand-up bass, cello and various other instrumentation to deliver dramatic indie pop rock with notable elements of goth, doom-folk and grunge.

Over the near-decade since its inception, Wilde has been writing, performing and continuing to lay the sonic and visionary foundations of the project and experimenting with a variety of soundscapes (including electronica and folk rock). Pulling influences from everything encountered or experienced, she does not set out to copy or tweak any one sound, yet seeks to create truly original works that build and amplify the mood while spinning poetic tales, both otherworldly and familiar. And – that voice! Often oscillating between a silky coo and a guttural howl, Wilde possesses a rare instinctive gift with maneuvering her powerful – yet controlled - vocal mechanism to paint and elicit an emotional atmosphere or response.

At heart, Wilde’s musical gems take form as emotionally-receptive storytelling – evocative, solemn and dreamy. Her disciplined and culturally-astute academic background is apparent throughout. Yet, rather than remaining rigid and stubborn in structure and delivery, there’s an intuitive freeness and spontaneity to Wilde’s work, letting the music carry her adrift on its unpredictable paths - as it correspondingly does the same for the listener. Intrinsically poetic, Wilde’s music is about the journey, rather than a set destination.

Minor Birds’ forthcoming full-length concept album “Bestiary” was released in Fall 2018.

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