Thu Jan 24

Mohawk Presents

Marine Kimono “Chimera” Album Release


She Sir
Marine Kimono “Chimera” Album Release
9:00 PM · Inside · All ages

Marine Kimono is a romantic folk trio from Austin, playing original songs on acoustic guitar, accordion, drums, percussion, flute, glockenspiel, and vocals in three part harmony. They have been regarded by fans as "otherworldly, gothic, and melancholy." Their debut ten-song album Chimera will be available at the show on 12-inch vinyl.


After more than 15 years of creating music together, She Sir have established a sound that is both modernistic and illuminating yet reverent to the spirit of decades past. Labyrinthine phrasing, driving rhythms, and plenty of lush reverberated guitar washes make up the She Sir aesthetic. Like their partially imagined song titles, She Sir blur the lines of the familiar to create an impressionistic, contemporary sound, transcending any direct comparisons to other groups present or past.


Fresh from the triumphs of the Austin chamber rock quartet Cue, singer-songwriter Colin Swietek and multi-instrumentalist Clarke Dominick are back with this exciting new project. Rounded out by the classically trained KJ Campbell Woods Lempe on drums and disgraced choirboy Russell J Cullen on bass, this fab four is guaranteed to liven up any event, horden any porty. Because it's like it says in the Bible. "Once you've been to jail, you can never go to jail again. You can only go BACK to jail."

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