Tue Feb 5

Mohawk Presents

LIP “Glass House” EP Release


The Gregs
Town Lake
LIP “Glass House” EP Release
7:00 PM · Inside · All ages

Heavy-dimensioned and melancholy as midnight, LIP’s music weaves through an intense affair of confession booth candor and Radiohead-esque tempo. Their sound is like looking inward through a foggy-paned window and wrestling with yourself as you come unglued. Distinctly rehearsed and constructed, each song takes you through cosmic introspection and reminds you of what it feels like to get lost in someone else.

Formed in 2014 by Austin, Texas natives, Coleman Meola (drums) and Connor Tester (bass), the band molded a backdrop of pensively polished rhythm. By late 2015, Philly-bred Jerome Vivino came into the picture as the lead guitarist to shred gauzy electric waves, thus solidifying the kindred three’s feverish pursuit of rock. The band knew they had a chemistry packed with potential, so they recruited Nashville-born singer-songwriter Luke Bellet (vocals/keys/guitars) to bring shape-shifting lyrics and a voice to their sound. With the combined experience of these four musicians, LIP stays authentically rooted in the genre’s traditions while bending their musical Moirai with experimental arrangements.

Released digitally on January 18th, 2019, Glass House is LIP’s debut EP. Ragdoll kicks things off with gaudy, blistering rock reminiscent of AC/DC and Nirvana. Long Way Home provides a Rolling Stones vibe with witty verses and a catchy, anthemic chorus. The eerie Ghost Town adds a haunting, ethereal dimension to the body of work. Currently LIP plays local and regional shows to support the Glass House EP. They are also busy writing and arranging songs for a full length release.


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