Sun Feb 3

Mohawk presents

4th Annual Knife Through the Heart of Texas Film Festival

4th Annual Knife Through the Heart of Texas Film Festival
2:00 PM · Inside · All ages

Our venue for the past few years has been Mohawk Austin, in a room over 100 years old, with stone walls and at least a ghost or two lurking about. It's mostly home to metal bands and bearded bouncers who look scary but are total sweethearts.  

We encourage audience participation. This means nervous giggles, an occasional "oh hell no!" and encouragement of bloody beatings (the on-screen variety, of course.) There is a raffle of macabre goodies for a lucky audience member, and tickets are only $5 at the door.

The audience presence will probably be small but mighty — like a drunk Ruth Bader Ginsberg. And unlike other audiences, not all of them are horror fiends, so they legit get scared and freak out without the cynicism.

In the past, we have had great Q&As with filmmakers, but with most filmmakers being overseas, this can't always come to fruition. If they can come, they are showered with praise (and possibly be woo'd).

This year we are excited to include a stage reading of the winning short script, "An Incident in Smith Morgue" by Perry Ruhland.  

2019’s lineup comes from Spain, Canada, Australia, and even one from right here in Texas. (Looking at you, Lilith!) Not only that, but nearly HALF of the selections are written and/or directed by women. In no particular order, here is our lineup:

2019 Official Selections

Post Mortem Mary 

Joshua Long

Rainy Season 

Vanessa Wright

Black Eyed Child 

Tony Morales

The Whistler

Jennifer Nicole Stang 


Jared Hopkins

What Metal Girls Are Into

Laurel Vail

Screenplay Selections:


An Incident in Smith Morgue

by Perry Ruhland 



by Vanessa Wright 

Best Film and Best of the Fest will be announced on the day of the festival, with the latter chosen by the audience.