Mon Jul 24

Mohawk Presents



Easy Cap
Hard Riffs
8:00 PM · Indoor · All ages

Hippo is an original band residing in Austin, TX. Co-founded by Adam Buhrman (vocals/guitar) and Lane Fielder (guitarist), the two found common ground drawing much of their inspiration from The Smiths, R.E.M, Felt, Radiohead and David Bowie. After writing and recording a handful of songs that solidified their direction, bassist Jonathon Moore and drummer Joseph Alves joined providing a complimentary energy to the sound the two had cultivated. Though the players are experienced the band itself is brand new and still developing it’s identity. One listener suggested that it feels like you’re listening to the bastard child of The Smith’s, The National and The Strokes. While the band happily admits the influence of The Smith’s, and hates the chore of defining itself in these terms, they concede, noting that perhaps any description will do for now.


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