Tue Feb 26

Mohawk Presents

Gungor / The Brilliance


Gungor / The Brilliance
7:00 PM · Outside · All ages

Gungor Bio:

Michael and Lisa Gungor are curators of the Grammy-nominated musical collective simply known as Gungor. The duo uses their skills as accomplished song writers and multi-instrumentalists to tell honest and forthright stories - some personal and some allegorical. Together they've tapped their considerable musical reserves to blur genres and break expectations creating a unique magnetic expression.

The Brilliance Bio:

The Brilliance is a band made up of David Gungor and John Arndt. They create spiritual protest music. Gungor & Arndt grew up together in Marshield, Wisconsin.  Their music over the years evolved from liturgical art to peacemaking protest music to focusing on music that inspires empathy.  They are based in New York City.

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