Tue Dec 19

Mohawk Presents

Glow in the Sun


Sloe Your Roll
8:00 PM · Indoor · All ages

Glow in the Sun is an American rock quartet formed in San Antonio, Texas in late 2009. The current lineup consists of San Antonio native Gilbert Segura (bass), Nathan Shimek (vocals/guitar) of Victoria, TX. Mitch Stuart (lead guitar) of Dripping Springs, TX and Steve Powell (drums) of Edinboro, PA. Their music has been described as “some loud-talkin’, beer-swillin’, pretty-girl-harassin’ rock, and plumbs the soulful, poppy, and gritty sides of the 1970s’ musical golden age, with some added millennial attitude” (Adam Coronado, San Antonio Current). Their music will show that this is a band that is completely devoted to their ever present goal of creating music and an energy that speaks to the heart and life of the listener.

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