Fri Mar 23

Mohawk Presents

Die Young


The Bearer
Weak Flesh
Die Young
9:00 PM · Inside · All ages

Die Young (aka Die Young TX) originally came together in late 2002 in Houston, Texas. The band’s early releases (The Message, Survival Instinct, and Graven Images, notably) carried them all over the world on DIY tours until their break-up in 2009.

The band reunited in late 2013 to craft a new record called Chosen Path which brought them some key fest appearances and touring in North America with legendary hardcore bands like Catharsis and Madball, eventually landing themselves a deal with solidly built heavy music label, Good Fight Music, for the release of the eclectic full length, No Illusions, in Summer 2016. 

Now in early 2018, Die Young is set to release a new EP called, The God for Which We Suffer,which strays more than ever from their historically political lyrical content into more personal themes of love, loss, and psychological suffering, while the band has also expanded their range of musical influences beyond the New York and Cleveland metallic hardcore that has been a common thread of inspiration in all their earlier works into more nuanced realms of metal, drawing from the technicality of Gojira, genre-blending intensity of Converge, and death-thrash akin to Carcass.


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