Sat Sep 22

Margin Walker presents

Andrew W.K.


Light Horse Harry
Andrew W.K.
8:00 PM · Outside · All ages

It all began with a feeling.

Of being alone and wanting to belong.

Of wanting to share that feeling of belonging.

And experience the euphoria of bonding with others.

The feeling became a dream.

To make the most exciting music imaginable.

Music that embraced and celebrated life in all its facets, electrifying and uniting everyone who heard it.

The dream attained reality in major chords pounded out on piano, an unrelenting four-to-the-floor beat, a set of dirty whites, a bloody nose.

And found its voice with these words:

"When it's time to party, we will party hard."

It's safe to say, nobody has partied harder, longer or more fervently than the undisputed King of Partying himself, Andrew W.K.. A one-man music machine possessed of a single-minded, monomaniacal focus to spread a singular message:

That to party is to exist.

And to exist is to party.

The rumors that had persisted since the very beginning of his career, began to multiply and take hold, begging the question: not who is Andrew W.K., but what is Andrew W.K.? A person, a persona, a wig. An entity, a corporation or a symbol. An enigma behind a set of initials.

That question would remain unanswered as, over the next decade, Andrew W.K. adopted a dizzying array of roles that took him into virgin territory for a rock 'n' roll musician, establishing a unique place for himself in popular culture, as a ubiquitous celebrity presence, while at the same time calling into question the very nature of that celebrity. Advice columnist, university lecturer, and children's game show host. Nightclub impresario, talk radio personality and talk show guest. Motivational speaker and cultural ambassador. Performance artist and magician's assistant. Party philosopher and weatherman. He was all these things and more.

Now, as he readies the release of a brand new album of rock music, his first in over a decade, and prepares to embark on his first full-band tour in five years, Andrew W.K. has come full circle to celebrate a party still raging strong.

A party that is now and forevermore.

Because the party never dies. 


Every Day, 5pm - 8pm.