Sun Feb 4

Mohawk presents

3rd Annual Knife Through the Heart of Texas Film Festival

2:00 PM · Indoor · All ages

Think of this festival like Mardi Gras married Dia de los Muetros and their monster baby was born on Valentine's Day: festive, romantic, probably drunk -- and hopelessly macabre. You should submit to this festival if you have a sense of humor but a healthy respect for others' work, love all things horror/fantasy/supernatural, love to get into a heated (and probably drunken) debate over whether "Alien" or "Aliens" was the better movie. // Official selections: "Born Again"by Jason Tostevin // "Mimi's Misadventure" by Ashley Atwood // "The Hag"by Julian Zakrzewski // "The Night Circus" by Kim Sønderholm // "Hand & Honey" by Rob Neilson // "In the Desert of Panacea" - by Randolph Zaini // "Carne (Meat)" by Alessio Coccia // "Devil Town" by Nick Barrett // $5 all ages


Every Day, 5pm - 8pm.