Q: When does "The Band" play?

Set times are posted onsite at doors, as times are subject to change in real-time.
Shows end inside at 2am.
Talent ends outside as follows:

• Sun - Wed = 10:30pm.
• Thu = 12pm.
• Fri + Sat = 1am.

Q: Set Times?


Q: How do I book my band at the Mohawk?

We work hard to bring new and original music to your earholes everyday. At the Mohawk, we value creative expression, originality, work ethic and Van Halen covers. We know that your band is sweet. We know that you are the 'rockinist' death metal ska folk band ever. We just dont know if you are right for the Mohawk until we get to listen to your music. Please send Mp3 links only to our bad booking hombres, patrick@mohawkaustin.com & austen@mohawkaustin.com and we will get to them as soon as we can.

Q: How do you select bands?

We listen to records. There is no software that tells us what to book, its what we are into and whats coming up.

Q: How do I book a private event and what are your fees?

Contact one of our Events Managers (megan@mohawkaustin.com / patrick@mohawkaustin.com) and provide the following: event date + occasion, estimated guest count, preferred space at Mohawk, venue + bar budget and any special requests (including food & beverage). Rental fees vary by space selection, season and day of the week.

Q: Are you just a Live Music Venue?

Nope. We are actually a damn good bar that has live music in it. Our happy hours and events are the bees knees. We have a shit load of ice cold imports and draft beer. We run drink specials daily and have a ton of regulars that hang out regardless of who's on the bill later that night. Drop by anytime for cold lonies, ticket giveaways, whiskey shots, caddyshack, arm wrestling, or advice from Houshang.

Q: What is the best way to tackle seeing a big show at the Mohawk?

Just like any venue, get there early. Sight lines are precious, so we recommend coming to the club early, getting a drink (HHs @ 5pm), checking out upcoming shows and scoping out your spot - then stake your claim. Whether its on the roofdeck, upper mez, or the patio down below, getting a good spot is key at the Mohawk. We accommodate special needs.

Q: I have a customer service question.
Please email taylor@mohawkaustin.com for all general questions.


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