Hey ya'll. Hope you've been doing your rock squats and beard pushups cuz FunFunFun Fest Nites has arrived like a horde of Good-times Warlords. We want everyone to have a rad time and get to see the shows, so we have put together a little FAQ about how Nites works at the Hawk.


How do I get into the FFF Nites show?

Please purchase credentials through FFF.

Can I pay for shows at the door?

No - FFF credentials only.

Do FFF credentials guarantee I get in?

No - if capacity fills, we are 1-in 1-out. It's math.

What do FFF Single Day Passes get me?

Day passes get you into that night's shows. 


See you in the pit.


You Bring Em, You Spin Em

BYO.Vinyl Happy Hour. Most Tuesdays from 5-9 pm. Bring your record release loot and you play 'em - open turn tables!