Hey ya'll. Hope you've been doing your rock squats and beard pushups cuz FunFunFun Fest Nites has arrived like a horde of Good-times Warlords. We want everyone to have a rad time and get to see the shows, so we have put together a little FAQ about how Nites works at the Hawk.


How do I get into the FFF Nites show?

Please purchase credentials through FFF.

Can I pay for shows at the door?

No - FFF credentials only.

What does "All Ages" mean?

That means that there is no age limit for minors.

Do FFF credentials guarantee I get in?

No - if capacity fills, we are 1-in 1-out. It's math.

What do FFF Single Day Passes get me?

Day passes get you into that night's shows. 


See you in the pit.


Right On! Happy Hour

Funk, Soul, and R&B from DJ Capt. Jim. Most Fridays.